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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spy Cameras

Different types of spy cameras

1. Wireless spy cameras
2. Night vision spy cameras
3. Hidden cameras to caught the thief
4. Motion activated spy cameras
5. Peep hole spy cameras

Wireless spy cameras are the most selling spy cameras in the world. It is very convenient due to lack of cables. We can place this spy cameras inside the shelf , on ceiling, inside the toys etc.


Mano said...


Spy camera recorder is the gadget with advanced technology for a secured home or for a commerical premise. This innovative product is well designed to fit into hidden places and the activities inside the premises are monitored easily. Spy camera recorders record high definition videos and enables play back at any time. They have got everything built right into it to prevent the loss of data and to provide high quality surveillance videos.

security and spy cameras said...

You can leave them behind without bothering about having or not having enough light. It captures color images if there is light in the environment and black-and-white if it is dark.

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