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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Do you wanna know about english slang ?

Here are some english slang that generally used :

airhead: stupid person.

ace: excellent, great.

Adam and Eve - Rhyming Slang for 'believe'

aggro - short for aggravation or violence

amber fluid : beer

anorak - geek, nerd.

apples and pears - Rhyming Slang for 'stairs'.

armpit: dirty, unappealing place.

arse / ass [slightly offensive] (1): backside.

arse / ass (2): an unworthy person.

arse about/arsing about - to fool around

arse-about-face: something that is in a mess or crooked

arseholed: very drunk

arvo : afternoon

Aussie : Australian

awesome: great and impressive.

backhander (1): a payment given, normally in a secretive fashion.

backhander (2): hit someone.

ball (1): a fun time.

ball [slightly offensive] (2): a testicle.

ballistic - to go mad with rage

bang [slightly offensive](1): to make love

bang (2): a powerful effect.

banged up - to be put in prison.

bangers - another name for sausages.

barbie : barbecue, grill.

barf (1): vomit.

barmy - a foolish person, mad.

barney - row, violent argument.

beans: money.

beast [offensive] - an ugly woman.

beat: tired.

beemer: a BMW.

bent (1): a 'gay man'

bent (2): 'stolen'.

biggie: something important.

biker: a motorcycle rider.

bikkie : biscuit

bimbo - a young woman considered sexually attractive but of limited intelligence.

bird - woman/girl/girlfriend

bitch [offensive] (1): a very unpleasant woman.

bitch [offensive] (2): complain.

bitchy [slightly offensive]: moody.

bitzer : mongrel dog (bits of this and bits of that!).

bladdered - very drunk

blag - a robbery

bloke - man

blotto - 'very drunk'

blue (1) - XXX; dirty, hot, steamy, pornographic

blue (2): domestic fight or row.

bluey - pornographic film

boat race - Rhyming Slang for 'face'.

bod: body.

bonkers; go bonkers: crazy.

bonzer : great.

booboo: a mistake.

bovver - trouble, usually fighting.

booze: alcohol.

boozer (1): a pub

boozer (2): someone who likes alcohol.

Brahms and Liszt - Rhyming Slang for 'pissed' (drunk).

brass monkeys - cold weather

bread: money.

brew (1): tea or coffee.

brew (2): beer.

brill - short for 'brilliant'.

bull: bullshit; lie.

bullshit [offensive]: lie; dishonesty.

bugger - a mild form of abuse or an exclamation.

bunk-off - to be absent without permission

bunk-up - to make love.

bushed: extremely tired.

butt: the buttocks, bottom.

cabbage - someone who is a bit slow or stupid

cakehole - mouth..

catch some rays: get some sunshine.

char / cha - tea.

cheesy: cheap; lacking in good taste.

chicken: coward.

chook : a chicken

chuck up: vomit

chuck a sickie : take the day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy.

ciggy - slang for cigarette.

cock and bull story - a rubbish story, nonsense.

(to) cop it - to die, to get into trouble.

cool: excellent; superb.

cooler, the: gaol; jail; prison

couch potato: a person who watches too much television.

cozzie : swimming costume

cranky : in a bad mood, angry.

crap [slightly offensive] (1): something worthless.

crap [offensive] (2): excrement.

crap [slightly offensive] (3): falsehoods and lies.

crikey - an expression of astonishment.

crust - money / wage.

cushy - easy.

dead cert - something that is definite.

deck: to hit someone.

dicey: unpredictable; risky.

dickhead [slightly offensive] - an idiot, fool.

dill : an idiot.

ding-dong - argument or fight.

dipstick - idiot, fool.

dirt: extremely bad person.

dirty: offensive; pornographic.

div/divvy - stupid or slow person.

doodle - something thats easy / no problem.

dodgy - dubious person or thing.

dog [offensive] - an ugly girl.

done over - beaten up

dope - a slow or stupid person.

doobry - a nonsensical word used when you forget the name of something

dorky: strange; peculiar.

dosh - money.

dosser - down-and-out, tramp.

down under : Australia and New Zealand.

Drongo : a dope, stupid person.

dude: a male.

dump [slightly offensive] - to defecate.

dyke [offensive] - lesbian.

dynamite: powerful; excellent.

dinosaur: something out of date or old fashioned.

earbashing : nagging, non-stop chatter.

evil: great; excellent.

eyeball: to stare long and hard at someone or something.

eyepopper: something or someone visibly astounding.

fab: fabulous.

face-off: confrontation.

fag [offensive] (1): homosexual

fag (2): cigarette

family jewels - Rhyming Slang for testicles.

far out - splendid.

fart [offensive] (1): an escape of gas from the bowels.

fart [slightly offensive] (2): an unpleasant person

fat head - an idiot or dull person.

fender-bender: small accident.

filth [offensive] - the police.

fit - sexually attractive.

five finger discount - shoplifting.

flaky: unpredictable.

flashback: sudden memory.

flick (1): film; movie.

flick (2): to give something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it or him/her

floating : intoxicated

floozie - a mistress or girlfriend.

flommox - confuse

flutter - a bet (on horse racing or football)

footie - Abbreviated form for football.

for crying out loud ! - a expression of frustration or anger.

forty winks - a short sleep or nap.

fox: attractive, alluring person.

freebie: something that does not cost money.

French kiss : kissing with the tongue.

full monty - 'the whole lot', everything.

full-on - powerful, with maximum effort.

funny farm - mental hospital or institution.

funny money - counterfeit money.

gaff - house or flat.

gander - to look at.

geek: an unattractive person who works too hard.

get it: to understand something.

glitch: flaw.

gobshite [offensive] - someone who talks rubbish all the time.

go bananas: go slightly mad.

good onya : good for you, well done

goof (1): make a mistake.

goof (2): a silly and foolish person.

goof off: waste time.

goof up: make a mistake.

goofy: silly.

Gordon Bennet - an exclamation.

grand: one thousand dollars.

grass: marijuana.

greaser - slang name for a 1950's style man.

grog : alcohol, beer.

grub: food.

grubby: not clean.

grungy: unclean and stinky.

gut: a person's stomach; belly.

guts: courage.

gyno - gynaecologist

hacked off - fed up, annoyed.

hairy: difficult; dangerous.

ham-fisted - clumsy.

hammered - drunk.

handcuffs: an engagement ring or wedding ring

hang a left: make a left turn.

hang a right: make a right turn.

headcase - mad

hep: sensible; informed.

her ('er) indoors - wife, girlfriend.

hickey: a love bite on the skin.

hip: sensible; informed.

hole in the wall - a cashpoint machine or bankomat.

hoo-ha - trouble; commotion.

hooker: prostitute.

horny: in the mood for sex, sexually stimulated;.

hot (1): sexy.

hot (2):popular.

hottie : hot water bottle

huff - bad mood.

humungous: really big.

hump (1) - to have sex.

hump (2) - bad mood.

hyper: overly excited.

icky: unpleasant.

I.D.: identification.

iffy - dubious, doubtful.

I'm outta here: I'm leaving; I'm departing.

in: fashionable.

ivories: teeth.

jack around: waste time.

jam (1): trouble.

jam (2): improvise (musically).

jamming, to be : going well.

jammy - lucky.

jerk: stupid or annoying person.

jock: someone good at sports.

K : a thousand.

keep your hair on - "keep calm".

kick back: relax and enjoy.

kick the bucket: die.

kip - sleep.

knackered - exhausted.

knees up - party.

knock: condemn, criticise.

knockout: beautiful woman; handsome man.

knock back : refusal (noun), refuse (transitive verb)

kook: peculiar person.

kraut [slightly offensive] - German

laid back: relaxed; calm.

lairy - loud, brash.

lame: incompetent.

legless - very drunk.

limp wristed - a gay man.

lip: cheeky talk.

loaded - someone with a lot of money.

loo : toilet

loser: a bungling and worthless person.

lost the plot - crazy/mad.

love handles: excess fat around the waist.

luvverly jubberly - wonderful, great, all is well.

make waves: cause problems.

malarkey - nonsense.

mate - friend

max, to the : maximum.

mega: big.

megabucks: a large amount of money.

mellow: relaxed.

mickey-mouse: unimportant; time-wasting.

minger [offensive] - an unattractive person (usually female).

mongrel : despicable person

moonie [offensive!] - to show one's bottom (arse) to unsuspecting onlookers.

moose [offensive] - an ugly girl.

mozzie : mosquito

mug : a gullible person.

naff - something which is cheap and nasty.

naff off - a milder version off fu*k off.

nancy (nancy boy) - a homosexual.

nark - a police informer.

narked - to be annoyed.

neat: cool; great.

nick - to steal.

nipper - a small child.

no-hoper - somebody who'll never do well

nosh - food.

not cricket - not normal or correct.

not all there - someone who is stupid, not bright intellectually

not half! - cetainly, for sure.

not the full quid - someone who is stupid, not bright intellectually.

nuke (1): nuclear weapon.

nuke (2): destroy; delete.

nuke (3): cook something in the microwave oven.

nut (1): odd or crazy person.

nut (2): someone passionate about something.

nutter - crazy person.

nuts [slightly offensive]: testicles.

nutty - eccentric.

off your face - to be very drunk.

out of your tree - crazy, drunk or stoned.

pad: someone's home.

pants (1) - an exclamation of frustration.

pants (2) - bad or rubbish.

party: celebrate.

party animal: someone that loves parties.

paws: hands.

peanuts: very little money.

pee: to urinate.

pickled: drunk.

pig out: eat too much.

pigs ear: to make a mistake with something.

piss [slightly offensive] - to urinate.

pissed - drunk.

pissed (off): angry; upset.

piss-head - a habitual drinker or alcoholic.

piss-up - a big drinking session.

plank - an idiot.

plastered: drunk.

plonker - an idiot

pad: someone's home.

plonk (1) : cheap wine

plonk (2): sit down - as in "plonk your arse down there".

poop [offensive]: defecation; shit.

poop out: get tired and quit.

postie : postman

pot: marijuana.

prezzy : present, gift

pro - someone who's good at something; professional.

psycho: crazy person.

puke: vomit.

pumped (up): excited.

queer [slightly offensive] - a homosexual.

rabbit - talk.

racket (1): noise.

racket (2): an occupation.

racket (3): something that's dishonest or deceptive.

rat: a despicable person.

rat-arsed - drunk.

rear (end): buttocks.

(a) riot - something or someone very funny.

rip off (1): stealing.

rip off (2): fraud.

ripper : great, fantastic

rocking: great; excellent.

roll up - a hand rolled cigarette.

rosie lee - tea

rubbish: nonsense; not true.

ruck - a fight.

rug - wig, toupee.

rug rat: a child.

rum - odd, strange.

runs, the: diarrhoea.

scoff: to eat.

screw up: to make a mistake.

screw-up: a person who makes a mistake.

scum (offensive] - a despicable individual.

shades - sunglasses.

shag [slightly offensive] - to make love.

shagged-out - to feel tired.

shed-load - a huge amount.

shite - milder variation of the word shit.

shitfaced [slightly offensive] - very drunk.

shithead [slightly offensive]: a stupid, impolite person.

skint - to have no money

skosh - a little bit.

slapper [offensive] - a loose or easy woman.

smeghead - an idiot.

snog - to kiss

snookered: cheated, stuck.

solid (1): really good; cool.

solid (2): consecutive.

specs: eyeglasses.

split: to leave.

spunk [offensive] (1): semen

spunk (2): spirit.

spunk (3): an attractive man.

stoned: drunk from drugs or alcohol.

stunner - a very good looking woman.

street smart: knowledgeable about city life.

strewth : exclamation

(I'll be) stuffed : expression of surprise

suck: to be bad and unacceptable.

sunnies : sunglasses

swagman : tramp

sweet - excellent, cool.

ta - thanks.

tacky - something of poor taste or style.

tanked (up) - to get very drunk.

tea leaf - Rhyming Slang for thief.

telly - television.

thick as shit [offensive]- very stupid.

thick as two short planks [offensive] - very stupid.

thingo : Wadjamacallit, thingummy, whatsit, something you don't know the name of!

thou: thousand.

threads: clothing.

ticker (1): the heart.

ticker (2): a watch.

tiddly - slightly drunk.

toss-pot [slightly offensive] - idiot.

totally: really; completely.

to the max: maximum.

troll - an ugly girl.

(the) trots - diarrhoea.

trouble and strife - Rhyming Slang for 'wife'.

trout [offensive] - unattractive woman

turkey (1): failure; flop.

turkey (2): dumb person.

turn-off: something that repulses a person.

umpteen: many; countless.

up for it - to be willing to have a good time.

up the duff - to be pregnant.

Uncle Tom Cobley and all - a phrase meaning 'everyone'.

uptight: nervous; anxious.

veg out : relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)

wad: a lot of money.

wanker - an idiot or an unpleasant person.

wasted: killed.

weed (1): marijuana.

weed (2): someone who is weak.

wheels: car; motorcycle.

whiz: someone who shows a special talent for something.

wicked - excellent, cool.

wimp: weak; feeble.

wimpy: weak.

wind up - to tease.

winks: sleep.

wuss : coward

x-rated - pornographic.

yabber : talk (a lot)

Yank: an American.

yob - a horrible or uncouth young man.

zeds - sleep.

zero - an unimportant person.

zilch - nothing

zip (1) -nothing.

zip (2) - energy; vigor.

zip it - shut up.

zit: pimple; acne.


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