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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Learn English through Movies

Thanks to DVD, watching films in English has become an easy thing to do.

Choose your favourite film – you’ve watched that film a dozen times and probably know all the dialogues off by heart in your native language. So following the story will be easy for you.

Have paper and pen ready as you may want to write down useful words or phrases that you wish to learn. English subtitles might be useful for that (although they might differ from what is actually being said).

If you are not used to watching films in English, choose a only few episodes – at the beginning it isn’t easy to concentrate on listening to the foreign language for a long time.

What you see is what you get.




esl said...

Yes. I agree with your opinion. In fact, I learned a lot from English movies and also songs lyrics during my high school's years. Sometimes the melody just stuck in my head and made me wanted to add my own words.

esl said...
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esl said...

P.S: I think your blog is okay. Maybe you need to ask your students 'interests or put games or anything that may attract elementary school students attention.

Mr. Dahlan said...

Hi esl,

Thanks alot for your advice and I appreciate it very much. I'm considering to put some English based games.


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There are also a tip. You have to avoid movies that they are old or they have ancient english because that english isn't used anymore.

shaun wetzel said...

This is really brilliant idea to learn English through movies.

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